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Our Story

We’ve been there. 

Chuck Glott was a 15 year smoker, and had the signs to prove it. High stress levels, low energy, and the constant itch for a cigarette. Chuck needed a change. A friend introduced Chuck to vaping as a way to kick the habit, and a new passion was born.

Not only did Chuck kick the habit, he dedicated himself to this new-found passion. Coming from a background in a granite company, Chuck was used to hard work. He dove in to the vaping world and studied endlessly, learning all he could. From these early days, the idea was born – to share this passion with vapers all across Southern Maryland, and to give more smokers a chance to quit.

Years later, Vape Jungle stands the test of time. Having expanded to multiple locations in the region, We are still dedicated to the same ideas. Giving everyone the chance to experience the world of vaping and help people looking for alternatives to cigarettes.  In addition to being a vaper’s paradise, we’ve expanded our products to include CBD, Delta-8, glass, and other alternative products, such as Kratom.

We are as passionate as always. We are dedicated to helping in any way we can. From helping a vaping newbie get their first starter kit geared up, to helping an experienced vaper with their latest mod, we are here.  From helping a person with chronic shoulder shoulder pain pick out a CBD or Delta-8 product to helping a cannabis user find their new favorite piece of glass, we are here.

We hand select our products, and spend hours learning about each product and the latest news in the industry. We also ensure our staff shares the same helpful and passionate attitude as us, putting our people first.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you find your favorite e-liquid flavor, help you troubleshoot a product, learn about CBD and Delta-8, find a glass or vape product that works for your needs, and everything in between.

Checkout our locations and stop by for a chat.  You are always welcome at Vape Jungle!





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