Vaping: A new Trend or a new Combat?

Vaporizers (or e-cigs) have made a big appearance in the market and are arguably a trend that is here to stay.  For the first time since big-name tobacco has made its debut, a product is on the market that is causing cigarette smokers to put down the cause of smelly breath, nasty fingernails, heart disease, and lung cancer just to name a few.  So this should be a time for celebration, a time for renewal, a chance to try and break that terrible cigarette habit one more time, right?

No.  According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), there is no proof that vaporizers are any less harmful than traditional cigarettes.  However, big-name cigarettes contain over 70 known human carcinogens.  A carcinogen is defined as an agent that may cause cancer.  E-cigs significantly cut this list with a meager bi-compound used in the smoking apparatuses.  The content of E-juice is made up of PG (Propylene gycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerin).  Both liquids are considered non-toxic substances that in general, are safe for consumption.  This base is then subsidized with Nicotine (sometimes) and additional flavorings such as Cherry, Vanilla, Almond, or my personal favorite, Cali Love from SoCo’s Famous Mash.  Furthermore, I think it is more than just an assumption when declaring that E-cigs are significantly less harmful to the human body than traditional cigarettes.

So what’s the big deal?  Why is there a problem?  Because for the first time ever, big-name tobacco is subject to take a big hit in their pockets.  Moreover, like with any traditional, trickle-down effect, not only will big-name tobacco lose out on millions of dollars, so will the division of the FDA that depend on the millions of tax dollars to regulate a product that is increasingly becoming extinct due to the magnificent presence of the vaporizer.  That’s right ladies and gents; the Center of Tobacco at the FDA uses taxes from cigarette products, paid by big name tobacco to fund their means, research, and presence.  If people quit smoking that means less tax dollars are being funneled into the Center of Tobacco at the FDA as well.

Is it radical in suggesting that the FDA wants big-name tobacco to succeed?  Let’s hope not.  With new regulations on the rise, only the outcome will expose that truth.

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